Love, Labor & Birth's goal is to support mothers and families, so that you are prepared and confident for birth.


No two births are the same.  They are all unique in their own right; however, births should have one thing in common.  All births should leave women feeling empowered, fulfilled and strong.  If this is what you desire, don't wait and contact me now for a free consultation.


Love, Labor & Birth provides professional and customized doula services for your specific needs. During this stage of your life, you may be filled with many different emotions, you may be experiencing pregnancy fatigue, or you may be busying being pregnant.  Let me offer a little extra help as you transition into parenthood by:

  • providing unbiased, evidence based research so that you are informed about your options,

  • assisting with coping techniques during labor,

  • offering a referral network to other professionals that you may need during and after pregnancy, if needed, and

  • teaming with medical professionals to enhance your birth experience.